Sales Dynamo Consulting

It's better to train your Sales staff than to replace it.


If it can be sold, we can help you sell more. It's that simple.  ​Contact us to develop a custom package of services designed to meet your company's needs. Remember, it's cheaper to train your staff than to replace it!

Selling, customer service training, branding, change management, new product introduction, leadership, and focusing your message are just some of the package designs available.

Services are available on retainer, billed monthly. Game-based learning recommendations are available, and game scripts and testing metrics are a specialty.  Any module can be incorporated into any training program or package. Surveys and market-analytical data available in all packages.  Services rendered beyond a 75 mile radius from Buffalo, NY will incur travel and per diem costs. 

Call us today! (Or wonder what would have happened if you did!)

A 10 - 15 minute weekly downloadable skill-building webinar with manager cheat sheet. $300/mo

Packages available starting at $2000.  

Sales Meeting In a Box

Customer Service &  Call center Services

All rates and fees finalized by contract. We recommend the Sales Evaluation to all potential customers. Not a complete list.

A Sales Professional for 1 half-day per week indefinitely performing duties described by contract - $2500/mo​

Comprehensive sales evaluation customized to your industry based on your market, with best practices - $750

Fractional Sales MAnagement

Comprehensive sales evaluation 

Sales Evaluation and other  Programs

request your customized Sales Dynamo Package