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Cold calling skills

Cold calling is a key skill in every sales organization, but often the most neglected. We'll help you implement a sales management training program to give your cold calling a stronger closing ratio.  B2b sales training is a specialty.

Analysis & Strategy

Our experts will assess the state of your sales organization, and pinpoint opportunities for growth. We'll present you with sales strategies to optimize your results with your current staff!

Professional Sales and business consulting

Sales Dynamo Consulting

It's better to train your Sales staff than to replace it.


Sales Dynamo Consultants

Hiring Strategies

Hire the people who will help your business grow, and will nurture the customer relationships you've already developed. A strong team has lower attrition, and higher sales. Knowing the sales skills you need will help you hire right!

Leadership Development

Leadership can be taught.  Let Sales Dynamo Consulting bring out the best in your managers, and lead the way to a successful team. We'll teach skills to grow your morale and your bottom line. Great teams make great companies.

Seminars and Motivational Speaking

These are classes/keynotes that boost your bottom line. Sales Dynamo Consulting will create a professional training seminar, or deliver a keynote or motivational speech. It's up to you.


Skip the wishlist - our business development consultants give you a plan! You'll receive sales strategies for every B2B, inside or outside sales call. Clear goals lead to clear, measurable results.

Sales Consulting

Sales Dynamo Consulting will provide your business with an expert who knows your industry, implement new skills, and inspire your team for years to come.

Keystone Habit Building

Develop the habits that will keep your company growing, and your customers happy. We'll show you how!  Professional sales training and leadership training are only the beginning. Learn to make every day more productive!


We evaluate your call center on proven best practices and recommend improvements.  We will deliver a call center sales training curriculum customized to your company and sales goals.